green plastic factory


a step closer to zero waste

In April 2021 Save Plastics opened the doors of the IEM plant in Almere. Named the Green Plastic Factory; this fully operational pilot plant was built to solve the waste problem in Almere. At 11 July 2023 the Green Plastic Factory moved to Arnhem.  

Save Plastics and Save Living teamed up with the Municipality of Almere and opened the plant on a local waste recycling company location. Being close to the source of the waste is ideal for the Green Plastic Factory, because less transport movements are needed. It also contributes to the vision of Save to produce locally and circular from waste streams that would otherwise be incinerated. About 60% of all the post-consumer plastic waste in the Netherlands, which adds up to nearly one billion kilograms per year, is incinerated

The Green Plastic Factory offers a unique solution for plastics that are difficult to process, low-grade mix and foil plastics. These plastics cannot be optimally separated, are sometimes contaminated and are therefore normally incinerated. This accounts for about half of packaging plastic waste in the Netherlands.



our know-how,expertise and network is valuable all over the world

Besides our green plastic factory in Arnhem, we have also started projects in Peru, Bonaire and the Dominican Republic in recent years. We do this together with partner Tripple Benefit. Here, some projects have proved very successful, such as the factory in Peru with a payback period of three years and a community that not only benefits from new sustainable products, but also earns a better average income from this green plastic factory.

In this way, we give plastic a second life worldwide and improve the lives of many people directly and indirectly involved in the factory, as well as supplying products needed or wanted in that region.


we bring our know-how and new opportunities to India

When you think of India, you might think of the huge mountains of waste you often see in news reports about India. Plastic and waste disposal are a big problem in India, especially in the overpopulated areas. We asked ourselves the question: What can plastic recycling mean in India? And we decided that with our know-how,expertise and network we can help solve two major problems and create new opportunities locally. We are happy to tell you about our India Project.

In 2023, we will start the project – green plastic factory India, where we will set up a local green plastic processing plant where plastic will be processed from 10 fishing villages on the east coast of India. In this green plastic factory, we will give people with a large distance to the labour market, namely people with physical or mental disabilities, the opportunity to work on a sustainable future. In this way, we will solve two major problems of this region. And on top of that, the factory will make useful products that are needed in the region. For example, products for fishing, housing and outdoor space for the 10 fishing villages where most of the used plastic is collected.



The projects that save living sets up in the country always switch on two domains namely enviromental and social. Together with our partners, we have developed wonderful social projects that will benefit many youngsters, children from regular schools and the inhabitants of villages. These include the digital schooling awareness programme for primary and secondary school. With manual for teachers and pupils, a mini plastic recycling experience workshop and more.