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the cause and the solution

The need for genuine connection and positive change becomes more and more important. At Save Living we’re working to not only minimise the negative impact on the enviroment, but maximise the positive impact on our community. Together we create a better society. 

valuable plastic waste

the value of waste

It is almost inconceivable that until the middle of the twentieth century, our parents and grandparents lived in a world without plastic. Barely three generations after the new ‘miracle product’ was introduced to the market, our earth is being flooded by a stream of plastic waste that is getting bigger every year.
What kind of world will we leave behind for our children? How will we be judged by them? We — old and young — will have to join forces to turn the tide of plastic pollution now! Our vision is a circular world, where we use what’s already there, import and export less and where we seek local solutions to local problems. We don’t see plastic waste, but a valuable raw material. A raw material that we use to make sustainable products for the outdoor space. Whenever possible, we share our knowledge and connect ourselves to local initiatives.


Since 2019 Save Living is on a journey to remain as responsible and impactful as possible-both in terms of how we implement our projects and how we engage with the community. We believe in leading by example, collaborating and driving industry change whenever we can.

social impact

Quite literally at the heart of who we are, we are social in our personality and the initiatives we choose as a Foundation. People and the planet go hand in hand, and we have to take care of both to create true sustainability.



green plastic factory®

The Green Plastic Factory® offers a unique solution for plastics that are difficult to process, low-grade mix and foil plastics. These plastics cannot be optimally separated, are sometimes contaminated and are therefore normally incinerated. This concerns about half of the packaging plastic waste. At the factory, these plastics are given a new life. This prevents incineration and reduces CO2 emissions. In this way we contribute to the environment and waste plastic becomes valuable again. A local problem is used as a solution. Would you like to build a Green Plastic Factory® in your region with us? It is possible.


people collect plastic waste


the green plastic factory® transforms it into products


people use it to build their own environment

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As a foundation, your donations and in-kind support enable us to work towards our goal of ridding the world of plastic.

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To complete our new projects, we seek dedicated, focused, technical and creative people to join our international team.

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