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save home

Sustainable and good living

Save Living introduces the save home that can be portable and self-sufficient, produced with local waste plastic. The save home is the first home that combine the four elements of “good green living”: comfort & safety, self-sufficiency, mobility and local circular production.

The save home is moveable homes that sacrifices nothing in terms of luxury and comfort. The home consists of separate units that can be connected as desired. Thanks to smart placement, good insulation, solar collectors and the latest technologies, among other things, the home can be self-sufficient. Wherever possible, 100% recycled plastic is used. For example, the facade is completely covered with plastic as well as the outdoor terrace. Other materials used are as sustainable as possible.

The save home was designed by Architectenbureau Enklaar and Klavers and is fully calculated according to the applicable standards. Curious what our save home looks like? View the home and walk through it virtually.


save cabin

The Save Cabin a newly developed concept with Daily cabin is not just any cabin. It is a storytelling residence. Sustainable materials, design and new construction are united in this recreational home. You live both inside and outside. For the walls we use sandwich panels (system construction), with sustainable softwood on the inside and saved plastic on the outside. The plastic parts (waste plastics) are made from mixed plastics from the household plastic, or perhaps from plastic waste from your region. Per Save Cabin sold is also a small contribution to the foundation Save Living. With this they save plastic from nature in other countries to build houses. Indirectly you are helping to solve a global problem.

And what happens to the materials at ‘end of life’? Then we melt down the panels again and turn them into something useful for your region. We will even buy it back (conditions to be discussed)


beach house

The Save Plastics Beach house shows interactively how cities can deal with low-grade plastic waste, which now often disappears into nature in the form of incineration or as plastic soup. Building with your own waste not only creates a cleaner living environment but also reduces the import of traditional building materials, such as cement and tropical hardwood. This supports the Growing Green Cities theme. In collaboration with former engineer C. Tadema, the Save – Tasta block was developed, which was used to build the Plastic Beach House. These are large Lego blocks stacked loosely on top of each other.

All homes consist of separate units that can be connected as desired. In this way you can build an extra unit to have more space to work at home.

So save for your own home and ensure that your household plastic waste is no longer incinerated but converted into a comfortable home tailor-made for you!